Sunday, November 22, 2009

Handmade Market Christmas

Yet another incredible event was organised by Julie Nichols and her band of Christmas fairies and elves over the weekend. The Wool Shed at Yarralumla in Canberra, looked every bit the part of the great Australian image. The rustic wooden shearing shed with its iron roof, rose out of a field of golden grass turned to straw by the recent hot and dry weather. Talcum powder dust was all that was left of the approaching drive and car park. All we needed was a host of sparrows under the eaves to complete an image of one of my favourite Australian Christmas carols -

The North Wind is tossing the leaves,
The red dust is over the town,
The sparrows are under the eaves,
And the grass in the paddock is brown;
As we lift up our voices and sing
To the Christ-Child the Heavenly King.

The tree-ferns in green gullies sway;
The cool stream flows silently by;
The joy bells are greeting the day,
And the chimes are adrift in the sky,
As we lift up our voices and sing
To the Christ-Child the Heavenly King.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit my stall and support my work and to learn about making Paper Quilts. There are some more photos up on my website (just click on Handmade Christmas near the top of the page) which Bill took. I took a few photos too. We had a great time - now it is a day of rest - except for tidying my shed and unpacking the car. Oh dear!!! No rest for the wickedly untidy.

Spring Fling

It's hard to think Spring Fling when it has been so hot - but it is still November so it must be springtime. Our roses are just starting to put on a beautiful show but very quickly because of the hot sun. They are so beautiful and I must get up and outside early morning to take some photos.

Last Saturday was the Q Theatre Spring Fling Markets and it was another lovely day there. I was set up next to Bennedict House with Kates lovely jewellry, scarves and fresh produce (including the most delicious tiny apple pies - how could I resist).

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a lovely week-end

Saturday began with a one on one class at a White Dragon Papercraft where my talented student made The most beautiful harleguin Handbag embellished with crystals. I wish I had taken a photo. It was elegant and spectacular all at the same time.

The afternoon saw us driving over the big hill to Burra to visit 'Tijara Iris Garden' the beautiful garden belonging to wonderful Len and Shirley Pain. This incredible garden is nestled under the brow of Warri Hill and has commanding views over the Burra Valley and over to the Tinderry Mountains. The 23 year old garden is a mixture of cottage garden perennials, annuals and over 700 varieties of tall bearded iris which frame the specacular view. There are also some beautiful speciman trees and shrubs. This garden relies almost totally on natural watering from rain. The steep paddocks are kept under control by heards of cheeky goats and apart from the abundant bird life singing away, the only other sounds are from the ducks and chooks. It is always a wonderful experience and I look forward to returning in August next year to collect my iris order.

Sunday we got up early to buy our weekly vegetables and fruit from Fyshwick Markets and have our morning coffee at Deli Planet. Then after a long session of weeding the drive area, I set off to St Paul's Angican Church Burra just down the road, for a discussion about Landscape Architecture, Heritage and Gardens. St Pauls is a tiny church which was built in 1868. Unfortunately, the lecturer must have lost his way but it was delightful to just sit under the huge elm and robinnia trees in the church yard and talk about the future of the church garden with Rev.James Wood and the other visitors. I then watched a demonstration on building a mud pizza oven - it looked like fun but I don't think I will be doing it any time soon. Back home to do some sewing.

Friday, November 6, 2009


The next two weeks is going to be very hectic in 'The Shed' for Wren's Nest Studio. Hopefully there will be no feathers flying and no birds squawking.
Tuesday I am demonstrating Paper Quilting with a Christmas theme at Spotlight in Queanbeyan 6 - 9pm.
Next Saturday it is the Spring Fling Market at the Q Theatre in Queanbeyan 10 - 3.
The the following Friday and Saturday it is A Handmade Christmas at Yarralumla Wool Shed 5-9 then 10 - 4.

Inbetween there are a few commissions to finish and a particular package I have to finish to send off OS to a very particular lady. I'm not sure why I wrote this all down - now I just feel even more nervous! I can only do what I can do in a day.

But, this weekend I have to make time to visit the iris garden in Burra. It has been a wonderful year for iris and I'm sure the Payne's garden will be looking incredible. I will take photos to show you just how incredible it is.