Friday, February 13, 2009

The Handmade Market at Albert Hall

It may have been the hottest day of the year, but that didn’t stop the 2nd Handmade Market at Albert Hall in Canberra being a huge success. We had a wonderful day beginning set up at 8am before literally hundreds of people poured into the hall looking for beautiful handmade products just before 10am.

I have put a link in the side bar to show you a fabulous photo/video montage put together by photographer, Andrew Taylor who did a great job capturing the day. I am looking a bit weary in the shot he took of me but – that’s the heat for you. I felt like a melting red ice cream a couple of times.

1 comment:

Market Girl said...

Melting re ice cream? You were much more glamourous than that!

I am glad you had a lovely day and hopefully they will just keep getting better.

Your stall looks fabulous