Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hand Made in Bloom Review

I ask myself the night before each Handmade, “Will there be as many people visiting as the last one?” I don’t know why I ask this because the Handmade Market never disappoints. It is Canberra’s - if not Australia’s - premier market for all the beautiful things which are handmade. So much talent from so many parts of Australia join together to create an event which people mark in their diaries as THE event which they just can’t wait to attend every quarter. It is busy from before opening till after closing time with visitors enjoying the Handmade experience – buy handmade with pride and joy.

As the afternoon came along and lunch called the many hungry shoppers to the variety of tempting eateries, the feeling of the market changed to one of a festival. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the springtime sunshine with family and friends in the beautiful surrounds of Kanberra Wine Company. I’m pretty sure that the rock feature, bridge and pools were not built as a children’s adventure play ground but this area fulfilled this task perfectly. One of my favourite views was a Dad holding hands with his little boy, tightrope walking along the rock wall. It reminded me of ABC Catalyst show in Thursday evening about the type of play Dad’s do with their children. The play that Mum’s (no matter how old) find hard to watch but which is so incredibly fantastic. Just plain old fashioned pure fun.

Here is a link to some fantastic photos of the day by Tania McCartney  Thank you so much to everyone who popped by to say hi and say they enjoyed looking at the new work I have been creating. I had a fabulous day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Handmade in Bloom - 2010

Well - apart from at least half a dozen ice cream buckets scattered all around my studio to catch drips of water from the torrential rain over the week-end, I am on track for “Handmade in Bloom” on Saturday at Kanberra Wine Company. What a week-end!! Lovely, lovely rain – even blowing sideways. The result is overflowing dams and a raging torrent turning the creek into a wild stretch of rapids and water falls. You can still hear it from the house. Awe inspiring.

Handmade - this time in Bloom, coincides with the first day of Canberra’s famous Floriade. Spring is here and cherry blossoms are everywhere making a gorgeous and very pretty show. It’s a bit colder than the same time last year, but Spring is here none the less.

I’m really looking forward to setting up my little shop at Handmade. I will have new work, including some little owls, along with a larger section for visitors wishing to try Paper Quilting for themselves. I will have my 4 new patterns for cards which I launched in Melbourne – Cinderella Shoe, Afternoon Tea Dress, Handbag and Christmas tree along with the beginners Gift Tag Kit. These are great as presents for crafty friends and family. I will also have my sample packs of the most beautiful Anna Griffin papers. I decided while I was in Melbourne that I would stock Anna’s papers. They are very hard to source in Australia and they are very hard to beat for quality and colour. They are perfect for Paper Quilting, card projects, scrap booking and for people who love paper. To say I adore them is an understatement.

I'm also looking forward to wearing my new apron. (what on earth you may say). Well I love aprons by Nell Design. . This is my second apron by Nell which I found at ArteForge a lovely shop in Fyshwick - and they have become my uniform for work. Fantastic.

I look forward to seeing you at lovely Handmade in Bloom this Saturday, 11th September, 10am – 4pm - Kanberra Wine Company, Northbourne Avenue, Epic, Canberra.