Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ohh - by the way, I have some pretty exciting news.

Friends and family have patiently followed and supported my wonky creative progress over - now many years. Seven years ago they saw me jump the art fence over to the Craft side and start all over again. They must have thought I had really lost the plot when I started sewing bits of paper together. Paper Quilting has been an incredible journey for me with many highs and a few lows along the way. The development of the craft. Then going to the markets, craft shows, demonstrations, talks, teaching, the book and then tools, materials and patterns. It has become something I think about constantly.

Well I have news.

I am taking Paper Quilting across the Pacific to be part of the Craft and Hobby Association winter trade show in Los Angeles. I am going to put my big toe in the very, very big craft pond and see what happens. I am finding it hard to believe that I am actually doing this and I am full of butterflies as I write. Stay tuned in for the next chapter.

Monday, November 22, 2010

11 Days

It's only 11 days until the next Handmade Market so there will be papers and gold thread flying all over the place for the next 7 days while I try to get everything ready. I have been trying to think of (yet) another way of setting up my space and I think I have something which will work well. You never know exactly though until you arrive on site and set up.

I will be off to Bunnings, the hardware store, in search of a few things to turn my easles into picture christmas trees - yes I know it sounds a bit weird but in my mind I can see it all very clearly. Then off for some tinsel. I have been creating some new signs for my new business name - Paper Quilt Creations. So we will be all linen, pink and white this time around - and into the future. Please let me not change my mind or get bored of this colour scheme.

Today I will be sending off my project to Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine for the March/April fashion inspired issue - part by post, part over cyber space. I hope that the team there are pleased with it and that it photographs well. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November & Freezing

 A new iris in the new garden
 The lavender garden with iris and Seduction roses about to bloom

 Peony in bud
Iris on parade at the house gate.

A white delphinium in the new white garden

It must be about 2 degrees this morning - I think the weather man forcast snow showers on the mountains!! I braved the cold to take a few (more) garden photos. The roses are still in bud but the iris are putting on a pretty amazing show this year.