Friday, May 21, 2010

Magic in the sky - the sun rainbow

When I arrived home yesterday after picking our son up from the bus stop, we were met with the most incredible late afternoon sky. The sun was wrapped in a bubble. I'm not sure what this is called technically as a "corona" is when there is an eclipse of the sun. This is something different. Fortunately I had my camera close by to capture what I will call a sun rainbow.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baa lambs and Alpas Unite

Early Morning At The Bus Depot Market

Flower Growers Stall
"Celebration of Wool"

The Old Bus Depot Market was full of colour last week end when the annual “Celebration of Wool” took place. There were growers, spinners and knitters from many country areas of ACT, NSW and Victoria. The result was a warm rainbow of colour along with many beautiful natural tones of cream, brown and charcoal. So many people visit the “Celebration of Wool” Day and the Old Bus Depot was really alive with everyone looking and buying wool or beautiful knitted creations.

It is always on inspiring day and I didn’t escape without buying some beautiful wool to continue my learning to knit adventure. Anyone who has known me for a VERY long time will remember my pathetic attempts at knitting when I was at school. A more crooked and holey square you would not find. I was truly challenged in the knitting department. Well things have changed. After my time in Melbourne where I knitted a scarf on large needles in one night, I have the knitting bug. I have obviously grown up because so far I neither drop, not pick up stitches. What a relief. Not perfect by any means but a start. I an knitting a rug of squares for our family room.

I was lucky to be next to the protea growers from Albury


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well I’m back in the “small smoke” after my whirlwind week in Melbourne for the Stitches and Craft Show. Did that really happen – or was it a dream?

We took Monday to drive down the Hume Highway for the start of the big adventure. It was a very pretty drive with the beautiful country scenery all green and full of autumn colour. It is years – no decades since I have driven this road. I loved seeing all the names of towns that I have heard of many times like – Gundagai, Rutherglen, Wagga Wagga, Jugiong, Albury, Wodonga, Tarcutta, Wangaratta, Cootamundra and Holbrook.

Then we hit Melbourne and the tall buildings rose out of the flat plain ahead. Cities in the distance are always a thrill for me. It is a city of opposites. Cutting edge architecture and city sculpture combined with old classic elegance which only old world money could build. I love the beautiful trees and garden parks and the romantic bridges with chandelier light posts crossing the Yarra River which winds its way through the city. The city is full of the most wonderful shops and arcades and everywhere you go, whether in the city or suburbs, there are wonderful cafes and restaurants. It is a foodies paradise.

BUT, most of the time I was at Caulfield Racecourse for Stitches and Craft. I was on the 1st level surrounded by the most incredibly talented group of craft creators. It was just bursting with the most gorgeous handmade products. It was a joy to come to work everyday.

My trusty sewing machine came along for the journey and I received such a positive response to my Paper Quilting. The days flew by – each with its own rhythm, and before I knew it, it was 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and time to dismantle my space and lug it all down to the car again. It is always a sad time. All over – until the next time. Is this what being a gypsy feels like?

This week, after the drive back and then the unpack I started work on “Celebration of Wool” this week-end at the Old Bus Depot Markets. What has this got to do with you - you may ask. Well it’s a fun day and I love seeing the people who grow, spin and dye the wool into an infinite variety of colour and texture. It will be a fun day.

Here are some pictures of the journey.
                                                                     Empty shell

Almost Finished - after how many hours!!!!!?

Day One - Let the fun begin