Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In a classical mood - again

Driving along through the country side yesterday, Piano Concerto # 2 in F Minor by Chopin came across the radio. I was off to the post office and had to sit in the car until it finished - with sunglasses on. Is this the ultimate in drama and passion? If I could play this I would be transported - but I would have so many tears rolling down my face that I would find it hard to see the music. It is a truely beautiful piano concerto and fills me with joy. I better download it onto my ipod for some sublime time working in the shed. The U-tube on the side bar shows master Arthur Rubinstein and Ingrid Fliter at the keyboard. Both wonderful. Oh well - back to the real world now - off to the ironing board with a school shirt.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas in July - "Q" Theatre Queanbeyan

The "Q" Theatre was once again the place to be on Sunday. It was bustling from the time the market opened at 11am until closing at 3pm. There were visits from 3 performers including Santa Claus, Elvis and then the highlight - The Ukulele Soceity of Canberra (they were incredible). It all added to the really festive atmosphere and kept us tapping our toes. I received a great response from my book 'Paper Quilts' which made my day. And of course I couldn't make it through the day without a purchase. Ortensia Sewing Supplies, was just around the corner, so it was more lovely buttons. More button gardens are definitely on the way.
Today I am teaching the lovely young Mums at the Brindabella Womens Group. 15-20 women this time, so it is a large group and I am hoping we can finish our project in 2 hours. Then off to deliver my piece for the Queanbeyan Art Prize. I wonder how a Paper Quilt will be received in the judging! We'll see.

Winter Morning - Jerrabomberra Creek

Here is a picture of the finished piece which I started earlier in the week. Corners completed and inner crazy quilt section embellished. The piece is 49cm square. Now it is even framed, thanks to Michael at Framing Master Fyshwick. He did a beautiful job - and it really looks finished now. Always incredible what matt boards and a frame will do.
I'm off to the Christmas in July Market in Queanbeyan today. I've dressed up my papier-mache reindeer in her finest red and green jewels for the occassion. It should be a wonderful day.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


After delivering my four miniatures to the selection day for our next exhibition, I began my journey back home. I didn't get too far before my car mysteriously parked itself outside 'Pymble Antiques' - a shop specilaizing in Linen and Retro. 1003 Pacific Highway, Pymble. A tiny shop frontage with a black and white awning - usually the sign of good things inside. Well, I'll just pop in for a quick look I thought. I almost got away empty handed - until I spied a whole collection of shell buttons, then bundles of lace, small silver dishes (always good for my display) cotton reals - well I was lost. Here is my collection. And in the words of Arnie Schwarzenegger "I'll be Back!!!!"
Prince Domino, one of my cats, is, as always, most impressed with this new treasure.

Frosty Morning

Yesterday I was in sunny Sydney where the Michelia Magnolia was in full and beautiful bloom in my parents beautiful garden. This morning, frosty freezing country NSW. Beautiful in a different way. It is so cold this morning that taking a deep breath in hurts. I have just been up to my shed to turn on the heater so I will be able to work there in about an hour.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work in progress

A larger Paper Quilt on the way. Traditional pattern but with a twist. I would love to keep working on it but I'm off to Sydney to deliver my Miniatures.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It is now less than a month till the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show at Rosehill Race Course. It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since I was there last as an Independent Crafter. I have been drawing little diagrams on how to lay out my stall. I have a 2 x 2 meter square space located on a corner. A need a place for my sewing machine and a place to work. Then a place for display of finished work – a gallery, a spot to display my book and some cards etc to sell as well. I will set up my tables in the big shed next week and see how that goes. In the end, I know it will just be a matter of seeing how things look on site and having a play around. But next - what to pack and what to leave behind. This week: Tidying my shed (will I ever be a tidy person?). Preparing for the Christmas in July Art & Craft Market at Queanbeyan’s ‘Q’ Theatre & working on a piece for the Queanbeyan Art Prize. Friday is the intake and selection day for the Miniature Society of Australia Awards Exhibition so it will be a quick trip up to Sydney then back. I am entering 3 mixed media pieces and a fantasy drawing. Photos this week are the wind turbines near Lake George, which have now been turned on. Remarkable, enormous and quite awe inspiring when you get a bit closer to them. More rainbows - its that time of year. Then, some photos from around our creek.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Isn't music the most wonderful thing

Click on the seaweed bubbles on the video bar on the left. Turn up the volume. Close your eyes and travel somewhere lovely for a couple of minutes.

I first heard this music years ago at the Sydney Aquarium in a dark room which has a wall of glass looking into the Aquarium. I could have sat there for ages. This morning, while packing my car for a class, this beautiful piece of music by Saint-Saens came over the radio. It took me right back to the wall of glass, the beauiful fish and a lovely time. And now, here it is again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Honestly Darling Handbag

These are just a couple of the new 'Honestly Darling Handbag' series I've been working on this week. This design is called The Alessandra Bag. Each bag created is totally unique in the papers and embellishments used. I love them and I hope you will too.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Everyday at Wren's Nest Studio

Did you hear a pop fizz sound on the breeze late this afternoon? It was the beautiful sound of champagne - chilled to perfection, being ceremoniously popped to herald the arrival of 'Paper Quilt's' - my long awaited book. We drove in to collect the boxes from Arthur and Marilyn of MBE late this afternoon. We even got the 2 car spots right outside - so it was meant to be.
More later - I'm off for another glass of bubbly.
Your copy is in the mail my dear Mrs Tucker. xoxo

Monday, July 6, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

That’s what I have been doing. ‘Paper Quilt’s’ has at least been printed now. It was any easy trip down to Victoria to the printing factory via the wonders of computers, but its’ trip back will be by truck I guess. That champagne bottle in the fridge which will get popped on its arrival is getting very very cold. This book is getting to be more like a third child every day – very overdue, all consuming and much anticipated. This Sunday the 12th July, is Fibre Day at the Old Bus Depot Markets. I might just have a little tantrum if it is not here by then.

Late last week I began work on a new set of larger images which will appear in the gallery of my website: (later this week). They fall into 3 categories. Ginger Jars, Vases and Handbags. Because the images are larger, I have much more room to play. I decided to let the silhouette images stand alone without quilted boarders because each image is quite lavish in its use of papers and embellishments. I began sewing them onto black card stock but I have decided that the soft cream of watercolour paper is all that is needed for these. They will be released at the Fibre Day on Sunday.

I am creating some very large Paper Quilts for my stall at the Sydney ‘Stitches and Craft Show’ in August 19 – 12. I will have a wall at the back of my space which I will use as a gallery. This time will also be a wonderful opportunity to launch my book in Sydney. Much work to do.