Saturday, July 25, 2009


After delivering my four miniatures to the selection day for our next exhibition, I began my journey back home. I didn't get too far before my car mysteriously parked itself outside 'Pymble Antiques' - a shop specilaizing in Linen and Retro. 1003 Pacific Highway, Pymble. A tiny shop frontage with a black and white awning - usually the sign of good things inside. Well, I'll just pop in for a quick look I thought. I almost got away empty handed - until I spied a whole collection of shell buttons, then bundles of lace, small silver dishes (always good for my display) cotton reals - well I was lost. Here is my collection. And in the words of Arnie Schwarzenegger "I'll be Back!!!!"
Prince Domino, one of my cats, is, as always, most impressed with this new treasure.

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