Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back Home

The Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney really was an amazing experience. I think I am still recovering – I’m just not used to talking quite that much. I met many people who had never seen Paper Quilting before so it was a great opportunity to spread the word. People can’t believe that I am sewing paper and watch me sewing for quite a while just to see that the paper is not tearing. It was very exciting all up and I had a really successful show. The one stop Paper Quilt shop did great business and sold out of punches and thread. It was great to meet Lara of ‘La Rara’ and Kate of ‘Please Eloise’ who had spaces on either side of me. There are more pictures of the show on my Web page – just a click away on the left.

I drove home on huge gusts of wind from warm and sunny Sydney to freezing southern NSW where there was snow on the Brindabella Mountains. Hard to believe it is only a 3 hour drive. Pink and white blossoms are out everywhere and it is so beautiful. We actually had some rain while I was away so there is a tinge of green in the paddocks.

Now it’s on to the next adventure. It’s just over two weeks until ‘Handmade in Bloom’ at Yarralumla Wool Shed. So I am back in my own little shed with my head down creating Paper Quilt pictures, new papers and new cards.


CAWeStruck said...

Congratulations, Michaela, it looks like it was a lovely display, and you are doing your bit (beautifully, I might add) to promote paper quilts!

Jenni Jones said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I am so disappointed in myself that I didnt see you at the stitches and craft show. I was working there, so my shopping time was limited, but I would have loved to come and see you work. I have even thought about coming to the A.C.T. to do a class, so maybe that is what I will have to do.