Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Too long

Is it already the 13th January!!

I had a good break away from "The Shed" between lovely Christmas and New Year after a mad scramble before Christmas. But now it is back to work. I missed my shed and had many good ideas which I am longing to try out. And this is not easy because we are sweltering under a heat wave which seems to just go on day after day after day. Looks as though we are in for another scorcher today. The house has all the curtains closed to keep out the heat and it reminds me of summers when I was growing up. Endless days of blue sky, that time after Christmas when everything seemed to slow down and relax, swimming in the pool, lying under the shade of trees, staying up late and being as brown as a berry so that I had a white skin swimming costume when I was naked.

Since New Year, it has been a very busy time again with wedding invitations and place cards to complete and orders to fill. Inbetween all this, I thought it would be a good idea to tidy up my studio. Well - I have had one trip to the tip so far - the car filled to the brim with stuff. It needed to be done but maybe the timing could have been better. Some shelves and cupboards were delivered yesterday so I can get organized - and more importantly STAY organized. So I will continue today.

I have almost finished the first two Paper Quilt picture patterns which will be on my web site next week. This has been a long time coming but we are here at last. I decided not to go to any markets in January so I could concentrate and focus on this side of Wren's Nest Studio - I just wish it wasn't so hot!!

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