Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baa lambs and Alpas Unite

Early Morning At The Bus Depot Market

Flower Growers Stall
"Celebration of Wool"

The Old Bus Depot Market was full of colour last week end when the annual “Celebration of Wool” took place. There were growers, spinners and knitters from many country areas of ACT, NSW and Victoria. The result was a warm rainbow of colour along with many beautiful natural tones of cream, brown and charcoal. So many people visit the “Celebration of Wool” Day and the Old Bus Depot was really alive with everyone looking and buying wool or beautiful knitted creations.

It is always on inspiring day and I didn’t escape without buying some beautiful wool to continue my learning to knit adventure. Anyone who has known me for a VERY long time will remember my pathetic attempts at knitting when I was at school. A more crooked and holey square you would not find. I was truly challenged in the knitting department. Well things have changed. After my time in Melbourne where I knitted a scarf on large needles in one night, I have the knitting bug. I have obviously grown up because so far I neither drop, not pick up stitches. What a relief. Not perfect by any means but a start. I an knitting a rug of squares for our family room.

I was lucky to be next to the protea growers from Albury


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