Friday, February 11, 2011

My visit to Eileen Fisher

Well the show came to an end at 2pm on the Tuesday. At the beginning of the show you have all these days stretching out before you – and then it’s all over and everyone packs up and goes home. The sounds of packing tape and fork lift trucks and the buzz of everyone just wanting to get out fills the air. All the people in neighbouring booths, who have become like friends in a little village, disappear and you know that you will probably never see them again. It is quite sad. Packing up never takes as long as set up and we were soon on our way back in the bus with our big suitcases and boxes. We were very tired but happy.

Our last day in LA was spent trying to fit everything back into out suitcases for the trip back home. WHAT A JOB!!!!. Luckily Bill is the packing expert. So apart from a few pieces of random advice, I sat on the bed watching news footage of the huge snow and ice storm making its way across the US and then satellite images of cyclone Yazi in Australia.

At last we were finished. So after a very late breakfast we set off to find the one shop I wanted to visit while we were in USA. Eileen Fisher. I have only seen her range of clothes in magazines and on the web - and I love her style. A long bus ride then a taxi and we found ourselves at a very glamorous shopping centre called Century City. It was incredible. So here are some pictures of one of the loveliest hours I have spent shopping – ever. I hope even one Eileen Fisher store comes to Australia very soon. After a wonder around, a Wetzels Pretzel and a great cup of coffee, it was back to the hotel to squeeze my new clothes into the bulging bags. Then off to the airport for the long flight home.

I love Eileen Fisher


Prim and Pretty said...

Can't wait to hear more about this exciting adventure you have been on. Preparing for the next market myself on the 19 feb, feel like I havent got over the christmas market preparations! Hope to see you soon.

Rosalind said...

Oh how exciting! I have been wondering how you went!