Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Day

Doing a some sewing to make sure everything ran smoothly

Other Innovations Crafters setting up

My Bernina from AAA Sewing and Vacumme

Media and Buyers at the Innovations Event
Day 3 was a very busy day. Bill had a couple of seminars to attend. There was a run through for the media event which was taking place that afternoon for the Innovations top 20. Setting up my space in the Innovations Showcase. Then it was back to the hotel to collect the Bernina sewing machine AAA Sewing Centre and Bernina had very generously arranged for me to use. Finalizing my presentation. Setting up my table for the media demonstration. Getting ready and trying to keep my nerves under control and my mouth from being like a dry paper bag. Making my 1 minute speech. Doing the Paper Quilting demo and then – the welcome reception. What – a – day!!!

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