Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just a regular Saturday

Another fun morning. We have our neighbour’s Marco and Zena’s cattle on our front paddocks this week. As it is so dry, these paddocks need eating down in case of fire. Cows are never satisfied with the paddock they have been placed in however, so they decided to break into the house garden. They had a delicious breakfast of lupins and photinias before being herded away by an angry woman in nightie and slippers running all over the place. Fortunately (or not) I do not have a picture for you this time. By the time I have arrived home this afternoon, they had broken into the dam paddock. Hope they enjoy the bull rushes this time, as I am not going to try to get them out of there until tomorrow.

Today I took part in the Queanbeyan Bazaar at the Q Theatre. It was a celebration of some of the craft artists who live in the Queanbeyan region so I got to meet many of the locals who live in and around Burra and Michelago and in Queanbeyan itself. There was a huge range of talent including embroiderers, quilters, jewellers, wood and metal workers, sculptors and sewers. The theatre is a really wonderful venue and has a very warm atmosphere. Added to this is the luxury of air conditioning, lovely clean loos and a really good café. Georgina Perri organises these events and you couldn’t find a nicer and more organised person.

I had two tables – one for a display and selling area and the other for demonstrating my craft of Paper Quilting. I had a lot of interest and many people were interested in taking a class in the future.

It is not surprising that I bought something from one of the other stalls and I have included a picture of my new mobile phone bag. I just couldn’t resist it – those gorgeous little strawberries. Absolutely beautiful work.

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