Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going, going - gone.

Here are a few pictures of the dust storm which came across Canberra and NSW last Tuesday. I went inside after the last shot so I could breath. There was red dust everywhere for the rest of the day. On Friday night we had a return visit by the red dust. This time it came down with rain to form red mud. It is sticky and hosing the car does not remove it. Looks a job for super brush!!! Then yesterday, while I was teaching in Canberra - we had a snow shower at home. Incredible.
On the way home from class, I popped in to see the Embroiderers Guild ACT Exhibition at Albert Hall. I loved so many pieces including Lorna Loveland's 'Foxgloves and Peas'. It was inspired by the work of Jane Nicolas who creates stumpwork. There was absolutely beautiful work there. I also bought some lovely bags of vintage shell buttons from Needlewitch I am going to make some white gardens with these lovelies.

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