Friday, February 26, 2010

Autumn in the air

I think one of my New Year’s resolutions should have been – update my blog every Friday. Never too late to have a resolution though is it? I’ll start today.

I have been hard at work making Paper Quilt pictures for Mathilda’s Market which takes place this week end in the Ballroom of the Canberra Hyatt – 9am till 1pm. What a lovely way to spend part of Sunday. Taking part in a new market always gives me a few butterfly questions – how will I set up my stall in the space allocated, have I made enough stock, will my stall look pretty, will people come along – to name a few. These butterfly questions have started their flying this morning in my chest which is pretty ridiculous because I’ve set up for markets quite a few times now. It is a tiny bit like a stage show though and the show must be great.

So today will be a day of finishing off quilts and cards and then framing and packaging till I have paper, cellophane, stickers and tape coming out of my ears. Then, down to the computer to printout WNS info, laminate my new signs and printout other bits and pieces.

I will try to make it to the Royal Canberra Show to see the craft display over the week-end. I have five entries in various sections. It is always interesting to see all the talent on show and what the judges picked to win a ribbon. So many collective hours and hours of work under the roof of the craft pavillion. I also love to see the cakes, the animals, side show alley and the country wares for sale.

Autumn is in the air this morning. The sky is blue, the grass is green after the wonderful rain two weeks ago, the dams are full and there is that beautiful cool clear sparkle in the air.

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Jo said...

Oh, the show sounds quite good then. I wasn't going to go but if there is craft and cakes and country wares as well as animals I might just have to go. Good luck with your entries and with the market! Isn't the autumn change lovely - cool nights!