Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a busy Sunday

The Hyatt Canberra Ballroom is a beautiful venue for any event and it really came alive on Sunday for Mathilda’s 2nd Canberra market event. The two rooms looked so beautiful with all the different stall holder’s wares. Everyone there put in so much effort to make their spaces look just gorgeous. The 9 o’clock opening time rolled around and in streamed strollers, Mum’s, Dad’s, grandmothers and friends. The crowds kept up the pace till the 1 o’clock close (very civilized) – just in time for a wonderful shower of rain. I always love the rain after living for so many years here with so little of it.
After a pretty quick pack up and load, off I went to the Royal Canberra Show out at Exhibition Park. After just dodging another storm, I walked through the mud to the Arts and Crafts Pavilion, stopping on the way to watch the dogs racing through hoops and jumping over hurdles, barking excitedly. I’m not sure who was the most excited – the dogs or their owners. I looked through the exhibits in the craft and ended up at the Paper Craft exhibit where I had entered 4 pieces. I was very pleased to win two seconds for a Paper Quilt card and a Paper Quilt of Gum Leaves for the Australian Flora theme and a 1st place ribbon for card making. Then a 3rd place ribbon for miscellaneous craft. Very very exciting.

On the way back to the car I spent quite a while patting the donkeys. There was one little fellow of only 6 weeks old. They were absolutely adorable and I could have taken every one of them home with me.

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Jo said...

Congratulations on your ribbons!