Monday, November 22, 2010

11 Days

It's only 11 days until the next Handmade Market so there will be papers and gold thread flying all over the place for the next 7 days while I try to get everything ready. I have been trying to think of (yet) another way of setting up my space and I think I have something which will work well. You never know exactly though until you arrive on site and set up.

I will be off to Bunnings, the hardware store, in search of a few things to turn my easles into picture christmas trees - yes I know it sounds a bit weird but in my mind I can see it all very clearly. Then off for some tinsel. I have been creating some new signs for my new business name - Paper Quilt Creations. So we will be all linen, pink and white this time around - and into the future. Please let me not change my mind or get bored of this colour scheme.

Today I will be sending off my project to Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine for the March/April fashion inspired issue - part by post, part over cyber space. I hope that the team there are pleased with it and that it photographs well. Fingers crossed.

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