Friday, October 9, 2009

Let it Snow

I was dancing in the snow on Wednesday - which would have made a very funny photo but I was here by myself. It wasn't cold enough for the snow to settle in piles by the back door but it continued to float down in big flakes for a good hour which was lovely. All this loveliness has gone some way to make up for our miserable situation of NO RUNNING WATER. We had our old concrete water tank cleaned last week and the cracks repaired. Since that day the weather changed from beautiful spring days to very cold and wet days. The material used to repair the cracks is still setting so now one week on, we are still without running water. It is a reality check and makes us all realise how lucky we are that water usually runs from a tap and is not collected in buckets from far off places and lugged back. Hopefully the heaters will arrive over the weekend and we can have a delivery of water.

This week I have been getting ready for going to the Old Bus Depot Market on Sunday so I have been trying to spend as much time as possible up in the shed. I have gone back to printing my papers in 1 inch squares and stitching them for greeting cards. Today I will be working on an Australia paper and making some Paper Quilts cats. I taught a class yesterday and have another tomorrow.

Shock of the week was receiving the DVD of the workshop I gave at the National Gallery. Seeing and hearing the real you is always a bit of a nightmare - is that really me. Is that really how I look and sound!!!!!! I gradually looked from behind hands over my eyes to be slightly relieved to hear not to many um's and not to much waving arms and hands in the body movement department. It was still very hard to watch.


Jane said...

You may be cringeing, but I for one am looking forward to one day attending one of your classes. By the way, I've found your book (which I purchased from you at the Craft and Quilt Fair) to be excellent and I have produced a few modest tags.

Paper Quilt Creations said...

Thanks so much Jane. I'm sure your tags are wonderful.