Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday at The Old Bus Depot Markets

Last Sunday I packed up my caravan of Paper Quilt wares and headed off to the Old Bus Depot Market at Kingston in Canberra. I was very pleased with the new colour scheme and less cluttered look (not easy still for me). I had a very busy morning but the afternoon turned very cold and windy which kept visitors away.

I was thrilled when one of my student s came to tell me that she had been making Paper Quilt cards to raise money for the Fistular Hospitals in Africa and had an order to fill. This just made my day and I was so proud of her.

This week I have been up in the shed making cards, cats in gardens, handbags and dancing butterfly pictures. I have also been experimenting with making some button brooches. I started out wanting to make a flower and embellished the centre with beads and buttons. The centre proved to be so lovely that I discarded the petals completely. I have worked on circles, hearts and ovals. They are turning out to be more and more lavish - how is that not a surprise. I love them but we'll see what the others think when they go on show. Just as well I have thousands of buttons and a growing collection of beads and embellishments. I hope that I can exhibit them at the Christmas Handmade Market in November at Yarralumla Wool Shed. Some pictures of these will follow when I take them.

At last I went to see The September Issue again and it was just as wonderful the second time around. I went with my daughter and she loved it too.


Market Girl said...

Oh I am sure will be able to show them at Handmade, they sound lovely!

Paper Quilt Creations said...

Thanks Market Girl - I'll show you first.