Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain rain rain rain - beauitiful rain.

Life is pretty good in Canberra and surrounds this week. We have had even more rain and the grass and trees look beautifully green and lush . The dams and streams are full and sparkling. On Monday morning, after a night of heavy rain, I woke early to the sound of our usually little or even non existant creek. It was bubbling and roaring along, fed by numerous waterfalls coming off the steep hill. In the seven years we have lived here - this was a first and it was incredible.

My son had 5 friends over for a down hill mountain bike day as it was Canberra Day and therefore a public holiday. They had a wonderful time scaling the flood gate to get over the creek, then climbing the slippery mountain to build tracks in the soft soil. They returned several times, as boys do for food and drink, each time a little more encrusted with splattered mud. The sun came out in the afternoon to create the most perfect clear sky. I think it will be a day they will all remember.

Jerrabomberra Creek

Scaling the flood gate
Lovely dragonfly

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